Hiding javadoc elements with the @exclude tag

Posted by admin at 1:13 PM on Sep 11, 2014


When creating html documentation with Oracle’s javadoc tool, it is often useful to be able to hide certain public elements that would usually show up in the output.

One solution is to use Android’s Doclava doclet, but it does not support all of the features of Oracle’s standard doclet.

The ExcludeDoclet, however, is a thin wrapper around Oracle’s standard doclet that introduces a new “@exclude” tag, which works just like Doclava’s “@hide” tag.

But when using ExcludeDoclet, we found that parameterized types were not output correctly, which was easily fixed by having ExcludeDoclet extend Oracle’s standard doclet.

Here is a zip file that contains the new doclet: ExcludeDoclet.zip

To compile the doclet, run the shell script “./make_doclet”.

To test the doclet, run “./test_doclet” and then load “docs/index.html” in your browser.

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