SDG and Printek Support Android Printing

Posted by admin at 11:34 AM on Aug 30, 2013


SDG Systems is now providing developer support for interfacing Android devices with Printek rugged, mobile printers. Printek provides an Android SDK for developers who want to incorporate bluetooth printing capability to Printek mobile printers in their app. All the Android SDK files for Printek printers are located on SDG's developer area:

PrintekBT.APK is a demo app that connects to a Printek printer and prints example receipts. It is a great tool for testing basic communication to between the Android and Printek devices. "PrintekBlue_README.DOC" describes the class, which is included in the sample project. This class can be imported or added to your Android project "src" folder to develop your own application. 

A full description of the commands and features available for each printer is listed in the the programmer's manual for the FieldPro and MtP series printers. Please contact SDG Systems' support ( for more information. 

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