SDG Values: Personal Responsibility

Posted by admin at 12:36 AM on Oct 3, 2012


“I am responsible.” Those three words are powerful. They can change the mindset of an individual from one of the victim to the one who has the power to make changes in their lives. Will it mean that you don’t have problems? Obviously not. But it will change your outlook on the problems.

Our society is full of victim mentality. “It’s not my fault” subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) echoes through each news broadcast. From the housing crisis to the financial meltdown, someone else is to blame. We’ve all seen the horses in a parade. The children love them, cheering as they go by. What do you always have behind the horses? The super duper pooper scooper. Now that guy could go home and complain that he has the “crappiest” job in the world, and maybe even legitimately lay claim to that title. Or, when asked what his job is, he could reply, “I make the road safe for the marching band.” OK, I admit, that response may be an over-exaggeration, looking through the proverbial rose-colored glasses, but it does make the point. As the author Andy Andrews likes to say, “It’s a matter of perspective.”

You may ask, “How do I know if I have a victim mentality, or if I take personal responsibility?” Look at your first reaction to a problem. Are you quick to blame someone else or complain, or are you quick to look to your own account to see if you caused the problem, or if there is something that you could have done better. Even better, look to see how you can be the solution to the problem. Excellence is achieved through diligence over time.

Here at SDG Systems, we strive for each individual to take personal responsibility. Your sales experience with us should be top-notch, not pushy, not lacking in information, but helpful to meeting your needs. Your support call should be handled with professionalism. Your problems are our problems. Your personal information is handled with privacy and care. We are here to increase your productivity by providing the tools that you need, whether those are rugged Android computers, rugged cameras, or software solutions.

If you are not having this type of experience, please contact me.
Todd Blumer, President

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