Yuma 2 Update

Posted by admin at 10:08 AM on Nov 7, 2013


The Yuma 2 was first announced in the fall of 2012. At that time, we provided a full review of the Yuma 2 hardware. Last month, Trimble announced an office dock for the Yuma 2, so we decided to revisit the Yuma 2 from a hardware perspective, including the office dock, and tell you about our planned Linux release for it.


Yuma-2_Yellow-Yellow_Win7_front_LRG.pngThe first word the comes to mind when reviewing the Yuma 2 hardware is: SOLID. This thing is rock solid physically. It's firm without a single bit of flex or creak anywhere. The build quality is top-notch. Even the capacitive touch screen uses Gorilla Glass for an extremely solid touch experience. Gone is the flimsy, hollow feeling of plastic resistive touch screens. When you press on the touch screen, there is no give whatsoever. The Yuma 2 has a texturized rubberized grip around the edges and on the feet, which are actually the two batteries. The batteries are screwed in and have rubber gaskets, adding to the solid feeling, and they double as hand grips. A hand strap is provided and can be attached via thumb screws on the back of the device near the top or bottom depending on user preference. This strap makes the Yuma 2 very easy to carry without fear of dropping it, which you might otherwise do since it is fairly heavy at 2 3/4 pounds. There are several hardware buttons on the front which are rubberized and have good tactile feedback. A capacitive stylus attaches at the back with a cord and sits tight in a recessed slot when not in use. Ample I/O ports provide two USB slots, HDMI output, and a standard 1/8" audio jack. The docking station provides three USB slots, RJ-45 Ethernet, and has two battery bays for charging spares. The Yuma-2 sits firmly in the cradle at a good viewing angle. The HDMI output is still accessible while docked. The dock is large due to the dual battery bays and has rubber feet. It resists sliding and doesn't tip over.


Like the first-generation Yuma, SDG Systems is porting Linux to the Yuma 2. Our initial release will likely be Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The Yuma 2 with Linux will support all of the existing features of the hardware, like cellular, GPS, WiFi, and camera. We are looking for beta customers. Expect more information regarding Linux on the Yuma 2 in the coming weeks.

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