Tribogenics Case Study

April 14, 2015

Contract Specifics

SDG Systems implemented a full-stack Android software solution for Tribogenics to control their XRF system via an integrated Nexus 5 running a customized ‘kiosk-mode’ version of Android and a unique USB-controller model.


SDG Systems was contracted by Tribogenics to implement Android system and application software for the Watson XRF. Watson XRF is an Android-based, affordable, easy-to-use x-ray fluorescence (XRF) system for alloy identification. SDG Systems developed the majority of the software used in this device, integrating USB subsystems, technical algorithm libraries (Android NDK), and user interface. The Watson solution integrated the following features:

  • A locked-down ‘kiosk’ mode, isolating users to a single application instance
  • A robust USB communication interface with external USB devices, allowing the Android application to be the primary controller for the entire system
  • Integration of externally developed native libraries for complex XRay Fluorescence Processing.
  • Complex user experience analysis and optimization for high-speed usage
  • Dynamic logging and support hooks with remote access and control capabilities
  • Network-based application upgrades, providing remote support without relying on the Google Play Store

Award Information

SDG Systems performed this contract from 2013 to 2015. The first release of the Watson system is expected in Q2 2015.