Our software building blocks will speed your solution to market

You want to get your solution implemented quickly and efficiently. These software tools are designed to integrate quickly with your solution. Companies like Trimble, Veriwolf and MinibarRx have successfully integrated these building blocks into their solutions.

Collect and Manage

Blue ID-Engine - RFID and Barcode Integration for Android

Our Blue ID-Engine software (formerly, EPX-Barcode and EPX-RFID) is a middleware solution for Android and Android Things. ID-Engine supports UHF RFID and barcode scanning hardware from multiple vendors. A Java Software Developer Kit (SDK) integrates easily with Android Studio for quickly building and deploying intelligent Auto-ID and IoT solutions.

Blue PhotoTag - Tag Photos with Text, Barcodes and RFID

Managing photos can be time consuming. Use our PhotoTag solution with open API to securely store photos to the cloud. Integrates with mobile devices and includes a web application. Companies like Veriwolf and Madix use it to capture and categorize photos.

Blue Key - License Server and API

Licensing is vital to protecting software assets, fully realizing revenue for deployed products, and understanding customer usage. Blue Key license server is a cloud solution that allows you to effortlessly manage software licensing.  The dashboard allows you to manage customer profiles, add new software products and license types, and administrate individual customer licenses.

Blue Collector - Collect Barcodes, RFID tags, Photos, List Selections to Build Forms

Currently available for customization, our Blue Collector software can collect RFID, barcode, photo, GPS, Bluetooth beacon, and other device information, storing it to the cloud. Contact us about how we can help you build a solution quickly by customizing our existing software.

Blue Conductor - IoT and Mobile Device Management for Android

Traditional device management solutions can be expensive. For basic application management and kiosk mode, something simple, and inexpensive, will suffice. Our Blue Conductor software effectively manages field deployments of IoT and COSU Android devices. Customers, such as Veriwolf, successfully manage their deployments with Blue Conductor.

Data List Manager

Data List Manager is our barcode list management utility. It uses our EPX software and advanced Android system libraries to read (scan), manage, and share lists of barcodes and data from NFC tags. Data List Manager can now be used in different workflows by recording time and location data. The lists are stored locally and can be shared with other users, or stored directly to Google Sheets for access online or through data processing tools like Zapier.


Once you've collected data, you need to generate reports or analyze it with your other business systems. Our professional software developer team can connect to your systems, or vise versa, using our open API. We use standard REST and JSON technologies to implement our cloud solutions.

Blue Agent Writer Icon


Our Blue Agent Writer application provides an efficient way to provision devices with a Device Policy Controller (DPC, or "device agent" like a MDM client) or a Device Owner application (like a WebView client used in a kiosk). Blue Agent Writer can store the configuration information to a NFC tag, which is then used to provision a device. For more information, see our blog article or purchase tags from our online store.


Our professional services team can work with you to enhance your existing apps or build you a custom app to integrate with your workflows. Our experience with Firebase and Go allows us to quickly take your data to the cloud, then integrate it with your business processes and systems.