Data List Manager FAQs

What is Data List Manager?

Data List Manager (formerly Barliman), is a productivity tool. It allows you to scan barcodes using the ID-Engine scanning framework, then share that list to another application, like GMail, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. You can think of Data List Manager as a simple asset management tool. Scan boxes to do simple inventory. Scan serial numbers and mail to the accounting department. Scan books to keep track of a collection.

What data can Data List Manager read?

Data List Manager supports reading barcodes and NFC (HF RFID) tags. It reads the TAG ID and reports it similar to a barcode. It also can report the location (GPS coordinates), and tag technology type (e.g. NFC A).

Where can I find Data List Manager?

Data List Manager is available in the Google Play store. It also requires ID-Engine Core to be installed, also in the Google Play store.

Does Data List Manager work with USB scanners?

Yes, Data List Manager works with the scanners supported by ID-Engine. Please refer to the EPX-Barcode FAQ for more information.

What data formats does Data List Manager support?

Data List Manager supports both tab-delimited and CSV (comma-separated value) formats. Barcode symbologies can be included with the data. The Pro version can also save directly to Google Sheets.

How does Data List Manager handle duplicates?

In the standard version, all duplicates are kept. In the Pro version, you can specify whether you want to keep, discard, or count duplicates in Settings. Counting duplicates is great for inventory or to verify that you didn’t scan the same serial number twice!

Can I adjust the barcode count?

Yes! simply tap on the count and the scroll or type the new number. You need to tap “Done” on the keypad before you tap “Save”.

Can I change the duplicate setting on a per-list basis?

No, not at this time. That sounds like a good enhancement, though. ;-) But, you can change the setting for a new list, and the database will keep the counts or duplicates for previous lists. You can see counts again if you change the duplicate handling back to counting. If you change the duplicate handling, then add barcodes to a list, the duplicate handling is applied only to new barcodes in that list. It’s better to start a new list if you’re going to change the setting.

How does syncing to Google Sheets work?

You can think of Data List Manager synchronization with Google Sheets as automatic backup with ease of sharing. It is best to think of it as a one-way synchronization. Barcode data that is scanned into a list is automatically sent to Google Sheets. The filename begins with Data List Manager and also uses your Bluetooth device name. E.g. “Data List Manager (Nexus 6P)”.

How can I use the data in Google Sheets?

The ways to use the data are wide and varied. You can share the document with someone else. You can copy and paste data from Sheets into other apps. You can use Zapier or another cloud connectivity service to send the data to other applications. We’d like to hear how you use the data!

Can I rename a Google Sheets file?

Yes, you can rename the Sheets file from Google apps, but not from the Android app. The app keeps only a “handle” to the file, so changing the name from your browser is fine.

Can I rename the list names?

Yes, you can, but here’s where it gets a bit complicated. The name changes only affect the names of the tabs on a Google Sheet. They do not affect filenames for the same reason as above (the app has a handle to the file, not a connection by file name).

I see two Sheets files with the same name. Is that normal, and OK?

Yes. If you uninstall and reinstall, or clear the application data, or disable and re-enable sharing, you will get another file(s) with the same name. Use the Google Drive “Recents” link to see which one is the most recent. There is no way to merge the files.

Is there a way to share the Sheets file from Data List Manager?

At this time, there is not a way to share the file directly from Data List Manager. You must share it from your Google Drive or Sheets. But, you can open the corresponding Sheets file on your Android device. Open the list you want to share in Data List Manager, and tap the three-dot menu button and open the list in Sheets, Drive or Chrome. Then, you can share it.

Can I make changes to the contents of the Sheets file?

You can make changes, but the synchronization is not two way. The mobile device is the master. Any changes to the Sheets file may be overwritten.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, slide out the drawer in the Play store app and tap My Account. There you’ll see your subscriptions listed and the option to cancel them. See the picture below for an example. (No, Data List Manager does not cost $10/day, as shown in the picture. :-)