Bluebird Pidion Warranty & Repairs FAQs

How long is the standard warranty and what is covered?

The standard warranty period for Pidion devices is 1 year. The warranty covers parts and labor for manufacturer defects only. Accidental breakage, abuse, liquid submersion, and other failures resulting from improper use of the device are not covered.

Accessories are covered for 6 months.

Batteries are covered for 6 months if they are swollen, have exterior damage, or are DOA. Damage to the batteries due to improper insertion or mishandling while removed from a device is not covered.

What extended warranty options are available and what is covered?

The PidionCare Premium extended warranty is available in terms of 1-3 years (up to 5 years for the BIP-6000) from the purchase date of the device. The Premium warranty extends the standard coverage to include accidental breakage, normal wear and tear as well as defects. Accessory and battery coverage is not affected. Pricing and additional information on warranties is found on the accessory page of each device on our online store at the following link: Bluebird Pidion from SDG Systems

I didn’t know about the extended warranty when I purchased my device, can I still purchase the extended warranty?

The extended warranty must be purchased within 60 days of the device purchase.