ID-Engine FAQs

What is Blue ID-Engine?

Blue ID-Engine, or ID-Engine, is software for Android that provides services and a developer library to support barcode scanning and RFID. Users can develop their own applications that use and control the barcode scanner and RFID reader.

What is Scan Now?

Scan Now (also called Scanner) is an application for scanning barcodes or RFID tags and adding one to the list (and optionally copying it to the clipboard). It is part of the ID-Engine Core package. This functionality allows you to quickly scan, then share a list of barcodes and tags, or paste these into another application. Scan Now has the option of installing into the notification area for easy access to the scan list and for scanning data to the system clipboard.

Does ID-Engine support camera-based scanning?

Yes. ID-Engine uses libraries from Google Mobile Vision (default) or the ZXing project to scan several types of barcodes.

What other scanners are supported by ID-Engine?

Currently, ID-Engine supports USB scanners that support the SNAPI protocol (most Zebra units, and some others) and USB scanners from Code Corporation. It also supports scan engines from Intermec and Honeywell (for devices that directly integrate a barcode scanner). For RFID, it supports USB readers from Impinj (IRI protocol) and Thingmagic.

Does ID-Engine support Bluetooth scanners?

ID-Engine currently supports Zebra and Code scanners that have Bluetooth cradles, like the Code CR2600 with Bluetooth cradle and Zebra scanners that are compatible with the CR0078-P cradle. We can add other Bluetooth scanners with a professional services arrangement.

Does ID-Engine support multiple simultaneous scanners?

Yes. You can use multiple USB scanners at the same time, or mixed scanners, like 1 camera and 1 USB scanner. It can also support barcode and RFID readers at the same time.

On what Android hardware can I use a USB scanner?

ID-Engine and USB scanners will work on any Android 4.3 or higher tablet or phone that supports USB host capability (typically through a USB OTG port or USB-C port), with the appropriate adapter cable. Linear Imager Scanners, like the Motorola LI2208 require 200mA of current to be supplied through USB. Some bigger scanners, like the Motorola DS3808-ER (extended range) require 500mA. Some “Y” cables can provide extra power.

Are Samsung tablets supported?

Yes, we have tested several Samsung tablets. A list of some tested Samsung tablets including the following:

  • Galaxy Tab S, S2, S3
  • Galaxy Tab 4 Pro
  • Galaxy Tab 4
  • Galaxy Tab A

Please contact our sales department for more information about tablet support.

Does ID-Engine support other Android tablets or phones?

Yes, we have tested ID-Engine on Nexus, Asus and other tablets and phones. Any Android 4.3+ device with USB host, USB-C or OTG support should work.

Can ID-Engine scan multiple barcodes or tags at once?

Yes, the camera preview screen has a batch mode. You can configure the batch mode to accept or reject duplicate barcodes or RFID tags. For camera scanning, the on-screen display shows you how many different tags have been scanned.

How can I make my camera scan faster?

A significant amount of time of capturing a barcode is spent with the camera autofocus. ID-Engine allows you to disable autofocus. Simply tap the screen to re-focus. At this point, you have your scanning distance set, and you can scan multiple barcodes much faster.

What problem does ID-Engine solve?

Problem: Barcode scanning or RFID reading is an integral part of the work day for many enterprise and industrial users. The problem with most existing scanning solutions is that they are not flexible. Bluetooth scanners are convenient in size, but establishing and maintaining pairing can often be problematic. Camera scanners are convenient, but are often slow. Using both hardware and camera scanning requires you to maintain multiple applications or interfaces.

Solution: ID Engine gives you a unified approach to scanning: use the camera for occasional scanning, or plug in a USB scanner when high-volume scanning is required. ID-Engine provides a single API for developers to support your application whether you're using the camera or a hardware scanner. (Bluetooth scanning is available upon request, and will also utilize the same API.)

Is possible to connect any USB barcode scanner to an OTG device?

We support USB barcode scanners from Zebra and Code Corp. Our driver page shows a list of the ones that should work.

Is root access needed in order to use it?

Root access is not needed. The code is 100% Java, and only requires you to acknowledge that you want to use our driver when the device is plugged into USB.

Where does the barcode scanner get its power supply?

The scanner gets power from the USB port. So, if your device supports USB-C or OTG and supplies power, it should work. (1D scanners take less power than 2D scanners. To work with all scanners, your port should supply 500mA.) You will need a USB-micro or USB-C to USB-A Host adapter for the scanner. E.g.!/Micro-USB-2-0-On-The-Go-OTG-Adapter/p/40023792/category=10509002