Data List Manager for EPX-B

Data List Manager for EPX-B allows you to scan barcodes and NFC tags (Pro feature) into lists that you create, edit, and share, using any barcode scanner supported by the EPX-Barcode scanning framework and NFC on your device. With EPX-Barcode, our Enterprise Platform Extension for barcode scanners, you can use camera scanning, integrated scanning, or cost-effective USB scanners. Compatible USB scanners are in our online store.

Data List Manager enables you to share barcode lists in tab-delimited or CSV format via text message, email, Bluetooth, Google Drive, Evernote, etc.

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Think of Data List Manager as simple asset management:

  • Create a list of serial numbers, then e-mail it to the accounting department.
  • Scan the parts of products used on a job, then upload it to Drive as a CSV file.
  • Create lists of books by category and save them to Evernote.
  • Record the GPS location of where barcodes are scanned (coming soon).
  • Scan packages and record the time they are shipped or delivered.
Pro version features:

  • Store location information
  • Store directly to Google Sheets
  • Read NFC tags

Looking for an enhanced or customized version of Asset or Inventory Management? Talk with one of our sales representatives about how we can customize a solution to your needs.

Get it on Google Play

Data List Manager is available to download for free at the Google Play Store.

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Data List Manager Survey

We love hearing from you, and your feedback is invaluable to us. Take a moment to answer the following survey so that we can incorporate your input, suggestions, and criticisms into our product development.