EPX-R Brochure

For more information about the EPX-R framework, download our EPX-R brochure

NOTE: EPX has been replaced by our ID-Engine Software


Develop applications with the EPX SDK to fully exploit the power of RFID. Read and write tags and memory. Probe sensors. Create custom embedded or mobile solutions. Here are some of the benefits of EPX-RFID:

  • Full Control of EPC Gen-2 and RAIN RFID. Read, write and lock user memory and EPC information on standards-based UHF RFID tags.
  • Probe sensor tags. Protect your assets using temperature, moisture or other sensor tags.
  • Add RFID functionality in a snap. Build your RFID apps quickly using familiar tools, like Android Studio.
  • Modular Design. Our building blocks are modular, allowing you to add new hardware drivers. Support for Rail (AEC) and large memory tags is available.
  • Custom Solutions. Integrate EPX-RFID into your custom RFID gateway, device or smart space using embedded Android (E.g. Raspberry Pi3 and a Thingmagic M6e module).

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The Benefits of EPX-RFID

  • Faster time to market at a lower cost - Because it includes most of the needed code, the RFID Framework enables you to implement Android RFID support in a fraction of the time required for an in-house solution-- and at a lower cost.
  • Avoidance of “vendor lock-in” - We will optionally provide full source code, enabling our licensed partners to support and maintain the toolset themselves, if desired, or extend it to add value.