DoD Deploys 3in1 Tool

Posted by admin at 12:44 AM on Aug 29, 2012


The United States Department of Defense is deploying a new solution that utilizes the functionality of the Bluebird Pidion BIP-6000Max to its fullest. The current process of procurement - obtaining necessary products from local vendors in foreign countries - is an arduous task that requires a large amount of paperwork. With the development of the 3in1 Tool from Chiral Software, however, the DoD is streamlining this process to take paper forms out of the picture altogether.

The 3in1 Tool greatly simplifies the procurement process. By making use of the BIP-6000Max’s internal storage slot and data-transmission capabilities, an encrypted digital form can be uploaded to a secure server - complete with signatures and photographs of the receipt - quickly and conveniently for easy access. The SecureDigital card’s data-encryption is achieved by a Mobile Security Card, which stores all necessary information and can easily be transferred between devices, should the need arise. The implementation of the 3in1 Tool saves time and money when compared to creating and maintaining a paper document. It eliminates the need for multiple copies to ensure that all required parties have access to the sale information.

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