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Posted by admin at 12:48 AM on Aug 28, 2012


I'd like to welcome you to the inaugural blog post from SDG Systems. The purpose of our blog will be to inform our friends and partners of information that should be beneficial regarding SDG, Android, products, services, partner offerings, etc. It is our intent that these articles will be both helpful and a little entertaining.

SDG Systems was founded in late 2001, and became a reseller rugged products in 2006. We have always had a strong technical focus, and an emphasis on being easy to work with. Our "niche" has been on rugged Linux-based products since the beginning, so we're happy to see the success of Android, also based on Linux. Our experience with Linux goes back over 10 years, so we're able to answer questions about Linux-based products like few other companies.

If you have some suggestions for us on what you would like to learn about rugged mobile computers, software, service, use cases, etc., please contact us and let us know.

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