Our Expertise

Core Competencies

Over the past 15 years, we have become proficient in a variety of technologies that provide tremendous value to your business. (In parenthesis, you will see some of our clients that utilize this technology.)

  • Mobile app development for Android and iOS (Veriwolf, Trimble, Factor4, others)
  • Web app development with Vue (Veriwolf, rfidCollect)
  • Cross-platform development with Xamarin and Flutter (Laird)
  • Barcode Scanning (ID-Engine products for PAR Technologies, Trimble, Code Corp)
  • RFID (ID-Engine products for Trimble, Veriwolf, rfidCollect)
  • Cloud technologies and integrations: Procore, Firebase, AWS, GCP, MongoDB, Twilio, etc.
  • Kiosk mode, Samsung KNOX, and Android Management software (Janam, Tribogenics)
  • Poynt Payment Terminal (Factor4, Moolah, Expedite Commerce)
  • Clover Payment Terminal (Factor4)
  • Android and Linux porting (Trimble, Bluebird, Juniper Systems, Gogo)

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