Samsung Knox Integration

Samsung KNOX is an enterprise mobile security solution that allows business and personal apps to coexist on the same device. This keeps your company's information secure, and it also protects your personal data.

A Few Samsung KNOX Features


Samsung KNOX has a standard and customizable SDK, so we can integrate your application with KNOX, or utilize KNOX to create a basic MDM for your solution. Our KNOX Customization SDK extends and complements the features of the KNOX Standard SDK, enabling greater flexibility when creating customized mobile business solutions.

  • KNOX Standard SDK: comprehensive user management and device control
  • KNOX Customization SDK: powerful user experience and device configuration

Use the KNOX Customization SDK to implement advanced functions to your application. We can configure the status bar, home activity, notifications bar, and implement kiosk or "sealed" mode. With the KNOX Customization SDK, you can change the settings to access parameters that can be individually activated, or you can suppress system-wide notifications to deliver a clean user experience on the device.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode works well for devices that fulfill specific tasks. With Kiosk mode, you can "lock" a specific application ("sealed mode"), ensuring that only the allowed application runs. The user can't use the device for other purposes (games, etc.) or to change the settings. "Sealed mode" is invaluable in a variety of scenarios and applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Mobile or fixed point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • Medical devices
  • A kiosk price-checker in a store. Customers can come up and check a price, but they can't break out of the application to mess up the device for other customers.
  • Digital signage

Samsung KNOX Sealed Mode Demonstration

Watch the video below to see "sealed mode" in action.

Connectivity Configurations

Access enhanced connectivity modes with KNOX Customization such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB. Configure settings to take advantage of the Bluetooth toggle states to connect devices and accessories. Setup USBNet wired IP connectivity, dynamically authorize USB connection, and Android Debug Bridge (ADB) control.

Blue ID-Engine Software

Samsung KNOX can be fully integrated with our Blue ID-Engine Barcode and RFID middleware.

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