Chiral Software Case Study

January 24, 2012

Contract Specifics

SDG Systems is a sub-contractor in this endeavor with Chiral Software for the DoD. The Chiral Software 3in1 Tool is the primary application in this contract.


SDG Systems provides mobile computer hardware and software services to Chiral's customer, the DoD, under this contract.

SDG Systems performs Linux Operating System (OS) customization services for this contract, including a customized distribution that includes the following features:

  • Implementation of Google Android (AOSP)
  • Performance tuning of device drivers, operating system and Android
  • Device driver support for specific peripherals (Printer, USB Ethernet)
  • Bootloader enhancements
  • Power management and battery life tuning
  • "Kiosk Mode" Android so only 3in1 Tool application is visible to the user


As of 30-Sep-2011, SDG Systems has been awarded approximately $20,000 of sub-contract labor services and over $2.5M in product revenue under this contract from DISA. SDG Systems began participating in this contract in in August 2009.